Dr. Misra is a double Board Certified physician (Sports and Internal Medicine) who was educated during his post doctoral training by the best and leading minds of Internal Medicine at the University of Michigan and UCSF (University of California, San Francisco).  He has a passion for and special interest in Sports Medicine and completed his sub-specialty fellowship training at one of the most pre-eminent fellowship programs in the nation – The Andrews Research and Educational Institute in Pensacola, Florida, a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.  He did his training under internationally renowned Dr. James R. Andrews, one of the founding fathers of modern sports medicine.  Dr. Misra is one of only a few number of Internists in the United States to ever have been trained by Dr. Andrews.  Dr. Misra is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine.  He is licensed to practice medicine in California and Florida. 


Dr. Misra currently is the Medical Director for Premise Health in the Financial District of Downtown San Francisco, California wherein he does exclusively on-site medical care for a Fortune 500 company (PG&E).  He also serves as a Sports Medicine Consultant for the Toronto Blue Jays, Los Angeles Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers and Tampa Bay Rays when they play in the SF Bay Area.  Additionally, Dr. Misra is an on-site clinical instructor for students of both the University of San Francisco and Samuel Merritt University Schools of Nursing and Health Professions Advanced Nurse Practitioner programs who rotate with him at his practice.

Dr. Misra is a native of North Carolina however his home has been in the San Francisco Bay Area since childhood where he currently resides with his family.




Dr. Misra was awarded his medical degree from JJM Medical College, one of the world's leading international Asian medical schools, located in India.  JJMMC's medical school curriculum is based on the MB,BS University of London structure which is commensurate to Medical School (MD course work) in the USA as per the standards of the LCME. He gained admission directly into medical school after graduating from high school in Santa Clara, California.  After graduating from medical school he went on to do his first internship at the State University of New York (University at Buffalo) in the duel residency program of Combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.  After completing that internship he decided to dedicate himself to Internal Medicine which led him to transfer to the University of Michigan (St. Joseph Mercy Hospital program) in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  There he did his formal Internal Medicine internship.  Dr. Misra then completed his categorical Internal Medicine residency at St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center -- UCSF in San Francisco, California.


Dr. Misra has held various professional positions reflective of his interests, talents and skill set in the five years between the completion of his post doctoral training and the start of his sub-specialty fellowship in Sports Medicine.  He served as a Hospitalist and worked as a staff physician at the medical center at San Francisco International Airport where he was the on-site clinical instructor for Stanford University medical students who rotated through when he was on duty.  He has done extensive Internal Medicine disability ratings and worked in three private practice settings.  He served as the Interim Director of a high volume private practice in San Francisco before it was acquired by Concentra, where he also served as Medical Director for two years, overseeing three San Francisco area medical centers.  While with Concentra he also worked at the US Mint in San Francisco, meeting all of their needs in Internal Medicine, Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine.  His first Major League Baseball medical experience also occurred in that period when he served as the Team Physician of the Toronto Blue Jays (in 2007 and 2008), when they played the Oakland Athletics in Oakland, California. 


Dr. Misra was appointed to the Governor’s Council for the Northern California chapter of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in 2011, shortly after his nomination to the rank of Fellow within the College.  Further -- although he did not win -- Dr. Misra was nominated to run for Governor for the Northern California chapter of ACP and was one of the few Internists ever to be nominated to run for chapter Governor while at such an earn stage in his career (in his thirties).


During his sub-specialty fellowship, Dr. Misra gained extensive experience caring for athletes at all levels ranging from adolescent level to the professional.  He routinely participated in the care of NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL players including Super Bowl Champions, NFL Hall of Fame Players, NBA MVPs and All stars, World Series Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists.  He received in-depth training in Regenerative Medicine (stem cell and platelet rich plasma intervention treatments) both in the surgical center and in outpatient settings.  He was also instructed in bedside ultrasonography for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders by Dr. Joshua Hackel, a certified expert and internationally recognized authority in Regenerative Medicine, as well as in Sports Medicine musculoskeletal ultrasonography.  Dr. Misra also attended to the care of Ballet Pensacola and volunteered to cover local mixed martial arts events as well.  He did extra shifts with the Cincinnati Reds AA team based in Pensacola (Pensacola Blue Wahoos).  His fellowship training also afforded him experience in taking care of the Special Forces (Army Rangers and Navy Seals) and with the US Navy at Naval Hospital Pensacola.


In accordance with his passion for optimizing the wellness, nutrition, health and rapid healing of his patients {in addition to his fellowship training} Dr. Misra extensively studied intermittent fasting, stress endocrinology, cholesterol metabolism, sports cardiology, sports neurology (concussion/MTBI), performance enhancing drugs, mechanotransduction and genetics (telomere study).  He presented some of his learning in these matters in his Grand Rounds presentations during his fellowship and prepared a presentation regarding sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease. 


His research during his fellowship was focused on two independent projects.  The first of his two (institutional review board) IRB submissions was a project studying how injuries in sports medicine can be reduced and prevented by doing a comprehensive in depth analysis of the ‘Sports Medicine Home’ available in public high schools in Alabama.  This project was based on Dr. Andrews’ highly regarded STOP Sports Injuries program.  Specifically, this project was an effort to demonstrate that rural and under-resourced public high schools have a higher rate of otherwise preventable injuries when compared with public high schools at the other end of the socio-economic spectrum.  The intent of the study was to demonstrate to lawmakers that such schools deserved increased funding to prevent avoidable injuries.  If this was determined to be a verifiable finding of the study, the money then spent on prevention would result in lower net costs overall.  This project is currently ongoing.


Dr. Misra’s other IRB submission was to determine if a rating tool newly pioneered by his co-fellow for the grading of UCL tears scaled on a level of severity from I to IV (commonly referred to as “Tommy John” injuries) can demonstrate a correlation to the effectiveness of PRP treatments for the same.  The intent of the study was to see if lower grade tears might potentially avoid surgery, versus high grade tears on this scale.  It was designed to advance the study of PRP as much of the initial data related to it is mixed due the different ways PRP has been utilized to date.  This study is also currently ongoing.


Dr. Andrews was the principal investigator for each project and Dr. Misra worked intimately with him on each, both during fellowship and afterwards as on-going projects.


The Andrews Research and Educational Institute houses on its campus one of five locations in the nation of EXOS (formerly “Athletes Performance”), which can be found at Dr. Misra spent additional time to enhance his knowledge base regarding the most advanced science and technology in application today in acute rehabilitation, strength training and sports nutrition there.  Academically, Dr. Misra provided instruction to medical students and residents of the University of Florida, Florida State University, Eglin Air Force Base and Naval Hospital Family Medicine residency programs when he was assigned to them and during the various rotations of his fellowship.  He also worked with and instructed visiting Sports Medicine fellows from Nagoya City University, Japan.


From a Sports Medicine event coverage standpoint, in addition to being a dedicated Team Physician for a local high school, Dr. Misra also worked with the medical staffs of Division I Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools – University of Alabama when they were defending back to back BCS National Champions, and Auburn University when they appeared in the BCS National Championship in 2014.  Dr. Misra also covered the SEC Gymnastics Championship in Birmingham, Alabama in 2014.  During his fellowship, he provided college football sideline coverage at Tuskegee University as well.  Additionally, Dr. Misra accompanied Dr. Andrews when he covered the Washington Redskins during the 2013 NFL season.  In the year after his fellowship, Dr. Misra completed his training with US Olympic Committee at its flagship center in America and headquarters located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Dr. Misra has received high level federal security clearances four times over his career to be able to work at San Francisco International Airport, the US Mint in San Francisco, Naval Hospital Pensacola and for the USAF Civil Air Patrol.                 


Extra Curricular Interests, Non-Profit Work/Engagement and USAF-CAP Service


Dr. Misra has many interests outside of medicine.  They are mainly focused on volunteering his time and expertise.  He is a human rights activist and has done advocacy on Capitol Hill at his own expense to support the positive work of various non-profit organizations such as the Hindu American Foundation (HAF), American Jewish Committee (AJC) and Liberty in North Korea (LiNK).  Each of those organizations advocate for minority protections both in the United States and overseas, seek the advancement of democracy, encourage pluralism and religious tolerance, promote the preservation of civil liberties, provide humanitarian assistance and foster understanding between diverse communities.


Dr. Misra enjoys travel and has made numerous trips to Europe and Asia for both medical conferences and pleasure.  He is an outdoorsman and enjoys sailing, supporting efforts related to conservation (through Greenpeace and the Environmental Defense Fund) and providing volunteer services to immigrant communities by working in free clinics for the indigent.


He is also a member of civic organizations.  He has been a Freemason since 2004 and is a life member of Phoenix Lodge #144 in San Francisco, California.  He went on to complete his 32 degrees within Scottish Rite at San Francisco Scottish Rite in 2008.


In 2009 and 2010 Dr. Misra volunteered his time and services in the “Nobody Dies Alone” program at Kaiser Hospital, Hayward, California.  The program was designed to provide comfort and dignity to those who were about to pass on and transcend.  While the program was initially designed for those who were alone in those circumstances, it has since been expanded to provide spiritual aid to those who wish to have it while hospitalized.  He was inspired to participate in this program after dealing with many end of life scenarios he encountered in the hospital over his career.  The program was founded by the chaplaincy program at Kaiser Hospital in collaboration with the Hindu American Foundation.


Dr. Misra has had considerable experience with the Diplomatic Corps in San Francisco since 2011.  In August 2012 he was honored by being selected as the official physician of the Consulate of the Republic of India.  In this capacity he attends to the care of high level government officials of the Republic of India, including Ambassadors and Consul Generals, and to the medical needs of the entire staff and their families.  Dr. Misra also engaged with the consulates of Hellenic Republic (Greece), State of Israel, Kingdom of Norway, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Azerbaijan, the Italian Republic, Federal Republic of Germany, Russian Federation, Japan and Canada offering his free medical consultations to each.


Dr. Misra holds the rank of Major in the USAF Civil Air Patrol and has been the Medical and Health Services officer for Squadron 188 based at Oakland International Airport since he joined the Civil Air Patrol in 2006.  Dr. Misra is a certified instructor of the American Red Cross for First Aid and CPR/AED and he teaches each course to the Squadron annually either with a fellow MD or co-instructor from the American Red Cross.  He also teaches his Squadron about flight safety, Aerospace Medicine and blood borne pathogens as Squadron 188 has been designated a first responder for search and rescue operations.  He has blogged about his service – see his website


Dr. Misra is accessible through this website and via social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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